Especially diverse, the merchants’ favourite!

The Designer AM element is one of the most diverse and secure security elements hated by all shoplifters, praised by all merchants.

This model is preferred for example by the sellers of expensive designer clothes. Innovative design divides the weight of the casing evenly to a larger surface so that it does not stretch the material of the protected product.

Nota bene! Also suitable for silk dresses!

  • The especially sharp and smooth needle is gentle on the fragile and expensive textiles and does not leave ugly holes in them.
  • The needle has a special construction that makes the removal thereof with hand tools practically impossible.
  • Strong two-sided casing complicates access to the needle.

Only a Superlock-type tool can open the casing and these are very hard to find on the black market.

Is compatible with all AM security gates.

Product packaging
In a box: 500 tags (minimum order quantity)
Box weight: 7,2 kg
Box length: 58,5 cm
Box width: 39 cm
Box height: 16,5 cm

0.35 + km

The price does not include transportation.



Tag diameter5,4 cm
Tag height2,2 cm
Tag weight with needle17,1 g
FrequencyAM; 58 KHz
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