Security made attractive

The Designergate security gate has been created for a demanding merchant who also thinks highly of the tasteful appearance of a product protection system alongside its reliability and effectiveness. RF Designergate security gates made of stylish Plexiglas and aluminium are the preferred choice amongst clothing and design stores.

A product protection system with two antennas:

– operates radiofrequency (RF) at 8.2 MHz

– also suitable for wide entrances

You can really make the best use of the RF Designergate product protection technique if you also order:

  • a visitor counter: keep track of customers easily
  • light effects: the gates are illuminated in the tone chosen by you
  • long-distance management function: manage the gates from your computer or mobile phone
  • a metal detector: a voiceless signal will notify you of the entrance of professional thieves

1699.00 + km

2-antenna system. The price does not include transportation and installation cost.



Antenna width40,5 cm
Antenna height157,6 cm
Antenna thickness2 cm
Working range with labels (2-ant. system)120 cm
Working range with tags  (2-ant. system)160 cm
FrequencyRF; 8,2 MhZ

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