A discrete guard

The Mini Square RF element with a needle weighs only 12.7 grams! It is an especially small and light security element that does not get stuck anywhere when relocating goods and it also does not stretch gentle textile elements.

Mini Square is almost invisible in your store, but it is still an effective assistant in every way. Despite its small measurements this diverse element stays in place securely and will protect your products from possible thieves.

  • with the help of a needle it can be attached on textile products
  • cable attachment for products into which it is not possible to make a hole
  • is compatible with all RF security gates

Extremely affordable item price makes this security element the special favourite of large retail merchants. Are also a marvellous choice for new handicrafts stores, where every tiny item is unique and valuable.

Your products are worth the best protection possible!

Product packaging
In a box: 1000 tags (minimum order quantity)
Box weight: 10,0 kg
Box length: 40,6 cm
Box width: 31,4 cm
Box height: 24,5 cm
Needle box: 13 x 6 x 11,5 cm, weight 1,9 kg

0.15 + km

The price does not include transportation.



Tag width4,3 cm
Tag height1,9 cm
Tag length4,8 cm
Tag weight with needle12,7 g
Lockstarndard or super
FrequencyRF; 8,2Mhz
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