New generation security elements

The Concept RF element developed in Switzerland is revolutionary. It uses a completely unique removal method that is almost impossible to imitate. The malicious and forceful removal of the security element would require applying pressure of more than 50 kg!

The secure protection of an item equipped with a concept element is ensured by

  • a unique locking mechanism that thieves will have trouble with;
  • immunity as regards the techniques used thus far – thieves’ old tools and techniques simply do not work;
  • the element is equipped with colour ampoules;

The Concept element has proven its reliability both in international stores as well as amongst smaller resellers. According to statistics* the number of thefts has decreased up to 66% in the stores that use the Concept element.

The Concept Tag is accessible to RF systems and is compatible with all security gates that work on the respective frequency.

Protect your goods in the most effective way possible!

Product packaging
In a box: 500 tags (minimum order quantity)
Box weight: 6,16 kg
Box length: 58 cm
Box width: 40 cm
Box height: 16 cm

0.58 + km

The price does not include transportation.



Tag diameter5 cm
Tag height2,5 cm
Tag weight with needle27 g
FrequencyRF; 8,2 Mhz
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