Classical design, expected security

A classical security element operating in radiofrequency (RF) is simple and efficient, protecting goods while not attracting too much attention to itself. A security element that is of neutral grey or black colour, it is also modest in its measurements.

TAO RF element has been made of a durable and high-quality material that is fireproof and melt-proof.

Protect your products with a security element that is

  • light, weighing only 27 grams with the needle. Does not damage products made of fragile material.
  • equipped with a thin needle that does not leave ugly holes in the textile.
  • easy-to-remove at the cash register, so customers do not have to wait a long time in a queue.

The TAO element is reusable and is compatible with all RF-type product EAS systems.

Use a TAO RF element to protect your products if the products that need protection are for example

– clothes;

– handbags, satchels, rucksacks;

– items of interior design made of textile or leather, etc.

Product packaging
In a box: 500 tags (minimum order quantity)
Box weight: 6,16 kg
Box length: 58 cm
Box width: 40 cm
Box height: 16 cm

0.30 + km

The price does not include transportation.



Tag diameter 5,1 cm
Tag height 2,4 cm
Tag weight with needle 27 g
Color black, gray
Lock super
Frequency RF; 8,2 Mhz