Well-established look, discrete functioning

If you want to reduce the number of false alarms to a minimum and thereby spare the visitors of your store as well as your personnel, the SG product protection gate is your best choice.

– operates at an AM frequency of 58 kHz

– is compatible with all AM security elements and stickers

The exemplary standard equipment of SG contains:

  • User-friendly tuning software, with the help of which you can determine the settings yourself.
  • Economy mode that switches off the security system outside the store opening hours to save on electricity.
  • Silent alarm that sounds alarms discreetly.
  • A selection of sound and light notifications from which you can choose the one that pleases you the most.

If you wish you can also order a metal and magnet detector for the security gate to make yourself aware of the entry of possible thieves into your store. Or a visitor counter and a long-distance management function for the security gate.

2-antenna system. The price does not include transportation and installation cost.



Antenna width 43,5 cm
Antenna height 153 cm
Antenna thickness 4,5 cm
Working range with labels (2-ant. system) 160 cm
Working range with tags  (2-ant. system) 200 cm
Frequency AM; 58 KHz
Electricity 110/220V