Boxes in safe embossing

The Wrap security element is the best choice to protect goods that are in closed boxes:

  • home appliances
  • electronics
  • toys
  • expensive cosmetics
  • perfumes, etc.

If it is not possible to attach a security element onto a product itself, thieves may attempt to simply remove it from the box. This is where the Wrap security element will come to your rescue.

There is a strong cable hidden inside the round plastic casing that can be wrapped around the box as much as required – just as a wrapping ribbon. If the perpetrator tries to cut the cable, an alarm will sound. The casing also includes an RF winding that will sound an alarm at the security gate.

This double protection system combines modern technology with high-quality components.

It is compatible with all security gates that operate at radio frequencies.

Product packaging
In a box: 150 tags (minimum order quantity)
Box weight: 18,5 kg
Box length: 53 cm
Box width: 40 cm
Box height: 26,5 cm

The price does not include transportation.



Tag diameter 7,5 cm
Tag height 5 cm
Tag weight  27 g
Cable length 1 m
Alarm level 95 dB
Color black
Lock standard or super
Frequency RF; 8,2 Mhz