The newest technology, safe and sound

With the help of the PROMAX product protection system a high-level security solution and environmental friendliness go hand in hand. Suitable for merchants who also care about the well-being of the planet.

– operates at an AM frequency of 58 kHz

– is compatible with all AM security elements and stickers

energy efficient – easy on the budget and the environment

impressively intelligent – warns if goods have been placed too close to it, preventing uncomfortable false alarms

The PROMAX security gate also helps to promote sales as the system can be completely covered by advertisements. If there is no advertising content to place on it, PROMAX is elegantly black on its own.

The work of the security gate is made more efficient by numerous extras

  • a visitor counter – you will get a clear overview of the number of customers
  • a metal and magnet detector – when a professional thief enters, the system will transmit a silent notification
  • long-distance support and diagnostics – take care of failures with the help of a smart device or computer
  • data collection and analysis – make the numbers work in your favour
  • various sound and lighting settings – programmed yourself based on your preferences

2-antenna system. The price does not include transportation and installation cost.



Antenna width 31 cm
Antenna height 153 cm
Antenna thickness 4,5 cm
Working range with labels (2-ant. system) 140 cm
Working range with tags  (2-ant. system) 180 cm
Frequency AM; 58 KHz
Electricity 110/220V