An economic and effective assistant for a security guard

The security labels looks simple and small, but in fact it works very effectively. A tiny security sticker attaches on the product or package with the help of strong glue and protects it from thieves even when the security guard does not see.

The AM labels is also suitable

for small goods. Thanks to its measurements of 45 x 10,8 mm it also fits narrow packages.

– to be used on all product protection systems that function at AM frequencies.

Large plastic security tags do not suit all items. Hence a security sticker is a better choice if the items in question are for example:

  • leather wallets;
  • cosmetics and other beauty products;
  • ceramics and tiny trinkets;
  • electronics;
  • tools and protective equipment;
  • toys;
  • products made of film or rubber.

Product packaging
In a box: 5000 labels (minimum order quantity four boxes)
Box weight: 2,95 kg
Box length: 28 cm
Box width: 20 cm
Box height: 9 cm

The price does not include transportation.



Label width 45 mm
Label length 10,8 mm
Label thickness 1,9 mm
Color black
Frequency AM; 58 KHz