RF LABEL 30x30mm

A thin security sticker that works effectively

Use an RF security sticker on goods where security tags with a needle are not suitable.

An RF label is suitable

for goods of every measurement. Thanks to its measurements of 30 x 30 mm it easily fits even the smallest of surfaces.

– to be used on all product protection systems that function at radio frequencies.

for single-time use. The sticker is deactivated before it is taken out of the store.

Large plastic security elements do not suit all items. Hence a security sticker is a better choice if the items in question are for example:

  • books and stationery;
  • ceramics;
  • electronics;
  • tools and protective equipment;
  • toys;
  • products made of film or rubber;

Product packaging
In a box: 1000 labels per roll / 20000 labels per box (minimum order quantity one box)
Box weight: 13,5 kg
Box length: 32,5 cm
Box width: 32,5 cm
Box height: 23 cm

The price does not include transportation.


RF LABEL 30x30mm

Label width 30 mm
Label length 30 mm
Label thickness 0,23 mm
Color barcode, white
Frequency RF; 8,2Mhz (±4%)