Seems light, but strong on the inside

The Merkur O product protection gate is a discrete electronic security guard that easily fits every environment and is aimed at putting things in order at the store for a long time. Especially suitable for use in hardware stores.

The minimalist design does not attract too much attention.

Durable aluminium construction ensures stability so even smaller mechanical damage does not create a lot of harm.

The Merkur 410 O operates via radio (RF) and is compatible with all security elements operating via radio.

Available with diverse settings to make the security system work even more effectively:

  • Visitor counter helps to keep an eye on the number of customers.
  • Light alarm helps to detect quickly which gate reacts when there are many in a row.
  • Different sound signals enable an individual signal to be assigned for each entrance.

2-antenna system. The price does not include transportation and installation cost.



Antenna width 40,5 cm
Antenna height 157,6 cm
Antenna thickness 2 cm
Working range with labels (2-ant. system) 120 cm
Working range with tags  (2-ant. system) 160 cm
Frequency RF; 8,2 MhZ
Electricity 110/220V

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