Security solution that promotes sales

The Merkur A is not simply a security gate – it is also a valuable advertising space that helps to promote sales.

The advertisement placed on the security system is visible especially in the place where every visitor sees it at least twice – when entering the store and when leaving the store.

area of 35 x 146 is big enough to ensure that the advertisement is visible from afar, as well.

Covered with thin Plexiglas, so that the poster will stay bright and will catch the eye for a long time.

The security gate has different light and sound settings for sounding the alarm. This way it is possible to identify from afar which of the gates is sending the alarm. Naturally it is compatible with all security elements that operate via radio (RF).

Placing an advertisement cannot be easier. It:

  • can be placed without special training;
  • does not require special tools;
  • can be placed in less than 10 minutes.

One reliable gate – many advantages.

2-antenna system. The price does not include transportation and installation cost.



Antenna width 40,5 cm
Antenna height 157,6 cm
Antenna thickness 2 cm
Working range with labels (2-ant. system) 120 cm
Working range with tags  (2-ant. system) 160 cm
Frequency RF; 8,2 MhZ
Electricity 110/220V

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